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Photo by Mikko Henrik Huotari

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UTU is a seven member band from Finland. UTU's music combines elements from pop, art music, folk and rock. During past years this band has created their very unique, atmospheric and strong emotional sound. In Finnish the word UTU means foggy weather above the sea. This word resembles UTU’s music very well. There are moments of raging sea. But also the calmness of UTU. 



UTU's latest release is Russian Poets album released in November 2017. Before this UTU has released two albums ‘Songs in Flesh Minor’ (2012) and their new album ‘Pieces of the Unknown’ (2016). 

Band members:

Petra Poutanen - vocals, kantele, guzheng

Teemu Kiiskilä - acoustic and electric guitars

Aku-Pekka Kurjenniemi - drums and percussion

Iida Savolainen - viola 

Katri Antikainen - electric and acoustic cellos

Margit Urantowka - piano, keys

Tony Sikström - doublebass, ewi, drumpad 

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UTU - Sailor's Wife

Album: Songs in Flesh Minor (2012)

UTU - Plasterlove
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