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The Aeon

Photo by Vesa Ranta

The Aeon materialised in the spring of 2015 to provide music for the play Suuri Peto! (The Great Beast!). The magick so prevalent in the play resonated through The Aeon so strongly that they continue to perform on their own and creating new music. Including many an experienced musician, their predominantly acoustic, hypnotic sound has already gathered an exceptionally diverse fanbase.

The band's upcoming debut album "Songs of the Great Beast" includes Tuukka Tyvelä's haunting folk compositions combined with the writings of English magician Aleister Crowley, as heard in Suuri Peto!

THE AEON - The Bornless One (Music Video)

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Photo by Saska Salo



Jesse Heikkinen – Guitar
Mau Järvinen – Violin, glockenspiel
Teijo Klemettilä – Electric accordion, cello
Anna-Kaisa Kettunen – Vocals
Aimo Huikka – Mandolin, baglamas
Antti Saarilampi – Bass
Lauri Sallamo – Drums, percussion

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