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Teemu Raudaskoski

Teemu Raudaskoski is a musician and artist living in Tampere, Finland. In his music organic and electronic sounds are fused into colorful soundscapes. Poetic and meditative lyrics floats above peacefully pulsating sounds. Charango's lightweight rhythm brings Teemu's music extra flavour of uniqueness. 


Raudaskoski is also deeply involved with visual art and see synergy between music and finest: "My Music and sounds are generated from images and viceversa. I intuitively navigate in the sound and color space. "


Raudaskoski's second album will be released on vinyl and digital in 2017 by Luova Records accompaniment with Joteskii Groteskii. There is also a cassette version published by Linnaea et Mimosa.

Teemu Raudaskoski - Kuikantanssi (Music Video)
Teemu Raudaskoski - Oxyoxy (Music Video)

Teemu Raudaskoski, Aaltomuoto (Waveform) Oil and acrylic on canvas , 2017. © Teemu Raudaskoski

Teemu Raudaskoski, Ultramare, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 2017. © Teemu Raudaskoski.

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