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New Artist: Neiti Olga

Neiti Olga (Photo Credit: Kalle-Erik Kosonen)

The newly signed band Neiti Olga can be described as an art of translucent beauty and messy aggression. It's joy rolling over like clouds, but also dazzlingly calm sadness and a sigh of relief. A shameless play of poetry, music and visuals. Whispers rising from a wall of sound. Careful balancing between chaotic stumbling and absolute determination.

The core group is formed by three persons: Elge Väisänen (vocals, lyrics), Miska Kuusela (drums, vocals) and Mikko Kanniala (other instruments, vocals). No resources are spared to maintain the incredible mass of the material in a live situation: the live line-up consists of as much as seven people.

The first double single Elonmerkkejä / Armo will be out on streaming services at midnight, along with music videos on YouTube. The debut album Minä, aina will be released during autumn.

Photo: Kalle-Erik Kosonen

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