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Riikkahoi - Superrakkautta Debut Album Out Now

April 5, 2019


Superrakkautta is a thought-out album, where the retro-sounds of video game music and the colourful palettes of old-school computer graphics are combined with identifiable everyday things. Despite the somewhat naive presentation, the content does not shy away from heavy themes, handling topics such as unreasonable beauty standards and domestic violence. The lyrics also feature various animals - literally and in metaphors. 

The songs were born from singer-songwriter Riikka Aho's need to make music in a difficult life situation that drove her towards creativity. At the same time she found the joy in singing again. For producer Antti Silvennoinen, the album creation process was a return to his roots: the arrangements are heavily influenced by computer music that he was fond of during his teen years.


The album is out now on streaming services. Cassettes and CDs are available from Luova Shop.


A record release party will be held today! Head to the Musta kissa bar in Helsinki (Toinen linja 15) before 9 pm!

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