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New Riikkahoi Single Superrakkautta Out Now

January 18, 2019

Superrakkautta, the second single by Riikkahoi, is the titular song from the upcoming debut album. Beneath the carefree soundscape lies a darker story about failed anger management, violent outbursts and unreasonable tolerance of domestic violence. Why does one try to help the other, even when being a victim? How much should one accept and endure? Can you heal another person by just loving?


The single is available now on various streaming platforms. An animated music video is available on Luova Records' YouTube channel. The album will be released in April.

Riikkahoi is formed by singer-songwriter Riikka Aho and producer Antti Silvennoinen. The debut album features experimental pop music sung in Finnish and the soundscape pays homage to 80's arcade classics.


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