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Order of the Living

Order of the Living is group of musicians sailing on a boat called Heartwards. The captain of the ship is Jari-Matti Nurminen whose ideas and composition Heartwards is mainly built upon. Janne Kaipainen assisted the production as the wizardous studio pilot and Mikko Määttä provided occasional timbral insights.


This is Order of the Livings debut album. Heartwards sails on deep dark seas but celebrates the discovery of a new continent, new life after many years on the sea.


Heartwards resembles symphony-like structure rather than traditional rock/pop album. Heartwards is not about catchy melodies. It is a bottle of wine that gets even better after time. We think there is something very unique with this album.


On live Order of the Living expands to a 6-10 member band. Luova Records has released band's debut album in winter 2016.

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Jari-Matti Nurminen: guitar, vocals, synthesizer, keyboards, concept & composition, lyrics

Janne Kaipainen: synthesizer, electronic instrument recording and engineering, editing, mixing

Mikko Määttä: synth, keyboards, acoustic instrument recording (except 3)

Jaakko Peltonen: double bass and electric bass guitar, backing vocals on 6



Joonas Lantto: piano

Heikki Silanpää: trombone & baritone horn

Aku Rouhiainen: trumpet


Choir: Aleksi Keurulainen, Janne Maunu, Jarkko Laitinen, Joonas Rantala, Matti Kortet, Mika Lahtinen, Timo

Laakso, Ville Heilala

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