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Jesufåglars debut album Matka Ajan Rannoille (2010) is undoubtedly one of the best Finnish progressive rock albums of this decade. Jesufåglar carries the heritage of Scandinavian progressive music in a way that you can really be proud of it.


Jesufåglar is a fresh dive into the nostalgic realm of the 70’s progressive & fusion orientated music. It is like founding this beautiful master tape that has been lost for 40 years. No - Jesufåglar is anything but living museum. Take a listen to the album and you’ll surely agree. Matka Ajan Rannoille is a record where every element has a purpose. It takes you into "Journey to the Shore of Time" as the album name would translate. 


Jesufåglar is inactive at the moment. Maybe some day they will bring their force together again. 


NEW ALBUM EDITION AVAILABLE! Luova Records has re-released this album on January 2016.

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