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"Some groups have this ability to travel the listener 

from the opening bars, to transport the imagination further and precisely in their soundscape."



"Huminoita has this incredible capacity to explore new paths in a forest we thought we already know."

MORE FUZZ (France)


"I had to replay the album all over again. This is something that

happens very rarely in the house of De Waal!"

IO PAGES MAGAZINE, (Netherlands)


"At its very core, A psychedelic blues record."



"Album of the Month."



"The lush, myriad influence arrangements, refreshingly 

free from boundary or constraint, a veritable smörgåsbord of aural delicacies"



 O O O


The crackles of ice. The sighs of a warm hearth. The raging rhythms of an ocean. All these describe the soundscape of the Finnish band Huminoita.


What could be more fitting for a band coming from the North, where the night is lit by stars and the mystical dance of aurora borealis. Huminoita continues the journey of its refreshing debut album with their newest space odyssey: All is Two.


The album is yet another proof of the overlapping nature of genres. All is Two mixes rock, metal and even jazz and finds new musical dimensions with each layer. The band does not twiddle. Its music has always been about wide strokes - the drums, the bass and the electric guitars build momentum, and the wind instruments and the chanting vocals raise the songs to their eloquent zeniths.

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