We'd love to hear from you!

We're always looking for new talent and new music. However, we receive a lot of demos, and going through them takes a lot of time. By following our submission guidelines you ensure that everyone's music gets heard, while also making our work easier.


Please follow these instructions when sending a demo to us.

  • Include at least 3 UNRELEASED tracks. Previously released material can be considered if you are hoping for a physical release of a previous digital-only release. Tell us if you are looking to release an album or an EP or just singles.

  • In addition to mastered audio, raw mixes and unmastered final mixes are both OK.

  • Accepted formats are WAV, FLAC and MP3 (320kbps).

  • File attachments, download links and private streaming links are all OK.

  • Include a short biography of yourself or your band.

  • Let us know if you are willing to play live and tell us something about your live show and any previous experience as a live performer. If you have gigs coming up, please include dates for events we might possibly attend. Live acts are preferred when considering a physical release.

  • Links to live recordings or music videos are not mandatory, but appreciated.

  • Tell us about your preferred formats for your release. Note that vinyl has the highest standards in every aspect.

Following the above instructions, send your demo to demo[at]luovarecords.com

We will answer you as soon as possible. Please note that this might take some time! The response times are affected by our demo backlog and whatever other things we are working on. Thank you for your patience and understanding. <3