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We'd love to hear from you!

We're always looking for new talent and new music. We do our best to listen to the material you send us. However, we get a lot of submissions so we are unable to respond to everyone personally. We will contact you in case we are interested.

Some points to consider:

  • We're mainly interested in unreleased music. Previously released material can be considered if you are hoping for a physical release of a previous digital-only release.

  • In addition to mastered audio, unmastered final mixes or even raw mixes are OK.

  • Good music sounds better when the file quality is appropriate: WAV, FLAC or MP3 (320kbps)

  • Please do not send big attachments! The disk space on the email server is limited.

  • You can link directly to files on the web (eg. Google Drive, Dropbox, your own server) or a private stream/playlist (eg. Soundcloud). We do not recommend using WeTransfer due to expiring links.

  • Include a short biography of yourself or your band.

  • Let us know if you are willing to play live and tell us something about your live show and any previous experience as a live performer. Someone might even be interested in seeing you live - so do not hesitate to tell us about upcoming gigs.

Demos can be submitted to demo[at]


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